Temposonics Press Release

The new generation of the R-Series is now available with EtherCAT

08 April 2020

New features and tools make the R-Series V EtherCAT sensors ideal for Industry 4.0 applications. The new sensors adapt to a variety of applications and can now evaluate more parameters while the application is running.


The new EtherCAT sensor is more robust and reliable than ever. Due to improved components, the R-Series V supports an extended operating temperature range now reaching from -40° up to +85 °C. In addition to this, the resistance to shock has been increased to 150 g and vibration up to 30 g. The sensors are now easier to integrate into harsh applications while providing precise measurement with 0.5 µm resolution.Extrapolation mode enables measurement data to be reported at 10 kHz regardless of stroke length.

Temposonics R-Series V is currently available in two types: rod style and profile style.It also supports EtherCAT, Profinet, EtherNet/IP, and Powerlink outputs. All of the Industrial Ethernet sensors feature housing that is 37% smaller, enabling for more compact construction of applications than with previous generations. Additional sensor types and additional outputs are anticipated in the course of this year.

R-Series V EtherCAT is supported by the TempoLink Smart Assistant. The assistant is an optionally available accessory which supports all R-Series V sensors and is connected via the power connection to the sensor. With the TempoLink Smart Assistant, detailed information about the condition of the application, such as sensor status, internal temperature, total operating hours, distance traveled by position magnets and more, can be relayed and evaluated via USB port or a wireless device. In addition to using the TempoLink Smart Assistant, the R-Series V EtherCAT is capable of providing position and Industry 4.0 information to the controller using the standard EtherCAT protocol.

The new generation sensors are completely backward compatible due to their proven electrical and mechanical connections and designs. The R Series V delivers the well-known high performance and quality of previous R-Series generations, while adding more advanced features and intelligent functions.

“The R-Series V EtherCAT Model represents our highest performance Industrial EtherNet sensor available,” explains Matt Hankinson, PhD., Global Industrial Manager at MTS Sensors. “By combining superior measurement performance with innovative capabilities supporting Industry 4.0, we are able to provide customers with the best solution for linear position sensing."

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