R-Series Sensors

R-Series sensors feature the highest performance and reliability in magnetostrictive, linear-position sensors designed for advanced motion control applications. With a variety of housing styles (profile, rod, detached, IP69K, etc.) and electrical interfaces (SSI, Industrial Ethernet, Profibus, Analog), there is a sensor to fit most industrial machinery applications.

G/GB-Series Sensors

G/GB-Series sensors are designed for backward compatibility to previous Temposonics products, but with the addition of built-in diagnostics , field programmability, and upgraded performance.

E-Series Sensors

E-Series sensors offer the benefits of magnetostrictive position sensing in an economical package suitable for standard linear position applications.


C-Series Sensors

Magnetostrictive technology has clear performance advantages over low cost pots or LVDT's due to its non-contact, repeatable, no-drift, no-wear measurement. Temposonics C-Series sensors offer small size and comparable cost to those technologies for embedded continuous position or level measurement in commercial and light industrial applications.

Advanced performance and capability for motion control

Programmable sensors for Temposonics backward compatibility

Effective and efficient for basic position feedback

Cost effective for commercial or light industrial applications.

A-Series Sensors

A-Series linear encoders feature a dual output to provide both an absolute SSI position feedback, as well as an analog (1 Vpp sin/cos) or digital (TTL A/B Quad) incremental encoder signal.

T-Series Sensors

T-Series family of sensors, designed for the demands found in Hazardous (Increased Safety and Flameproof) and Safety (SIL) regulated environments.

Dual output encoder for absolute plus incremental signal.

SIL 2 Capable and Hazardous rated for Demanding Environments

Feature R-Series G/GB-Series E-Series C-Series A-Series T-Series
Temposonics Technology
Diagnostics & Programmability (Non-SIL)
Backward compatibility and upgraded performance
Advanced performance for high precision applications
Fieldbus and industrial Ethernet interfaces
Hazardous Rated
IP 66, 67, 68, 69K, Nema 4
Incremental encoder output