Double Ended Cylinder for Steering

UTV’s, agricultural machines, and other specialty vehicles have used Temposonics position feedback in assisted power steering systems. The sensor can be integrated a number of ways in double or single rod hydraulic steering cylinders or rack and pinions with electric assist. Double ended rod type cylinders present a problem for traditional co-axial sensor installation. The rod centerline would normally be where a high pressure housing would be installed. But both rods move in unison making this particularly difficult.

An easy solution is to put the sensor outside the cylinder near one of the tie rods and a magnet on the piston. No gun drilling is needed. The sensor can “see” the piston motion through the non-ferrous wall of the cylinder. In this example, there are two sensors, one from each end cap, offering the redundancy needed for steering applications.

Located within the cylinder, the C-Series sensor provides consistent position using several data format possibilities.